1st Vow of the 32nd Degree 


Do most solemnly vow and promise that I will endeavor hereafter, to make other men wiser and better.  To that end, I will constantly endeavor to become so myself.  I will not neglect to attend the Bodies of which I am or may be a member in this Rite, of Freemasonry.  I will read and study the books that have been written for instruction in the Rite, and in all this I will ever be a true Soldier of the Light.  Do you so assent?


Goal: To focus on self-improvement as the means for making my world a better place to live vs. imposing changes on society by government fiat and imposing change on others. As individuals make their lives better, that collective action by individuals leads to a better society.


2nd Vow of the 32nd Degree


Do most solemnly vow and promise that I will hereafter resist arbitrary power and rule.  I will oppose the domineering insolence of those who subjugate free men by manipulating their necessities, passions, or follies.  I will demand for the people a free voice and vote in public affairs.  That I may do so, I will myself be free and remain absolute master of my own voice, vote, and opinion.  I will never permit any person, or persons, to dictate to me in matters where I am accountable and responsible for my actions, but will rather follow the convictions of my conscience and the judgments of my own intellect.  Thus will I ever be the true Soldier of Liberty.


     As the kinsmen of our ancient ancestors sacrificed to the Divine, Wisdom, sacrifice now with the offering of incense, to the God in Whom you put your trust! 


Goal:  To be self-sufficient in order to be free from the undue influence of those who would impose restrictions on freedom in return for security or life's needs. And also to adhere to the idea that I am responsible for myself and my actions and results in life.


3rd Vow of the 32nd Degree


Do most solemnly vow and promise that I will be hereafter the enemy of all spiritual tyranny over the souls and consciences of men.  I will resist all claims of church, synagogue, temple, or mosque to outlaw free conscience, enslave thought and opinions, and compel men to believe what it may prescribe.  As I. may have opportunity, I will combat superstition with reason and the truth, put bigotry and fanaticism to shame, and I will in all this be a Soldier of Freedom of Religion.


Goal: The individual's right to choose his religion is more important than the religion. No religion has the right to tell a man what to believe outside of his own consent to that belief. We support Truth and reason wherever it may be found and no institution whether religious, governmental or civic has the right to impose beliefs and views on the individual.


4th Vow of the 32nd Degree:

Do most solemnly and sincerely vow and promise that I will combat the efforts of all who seek to gain power by unworthy means¾the crafty, the unfit, and the incompetent.  I will constantly endeavor to incite men to be self-reliant and independent, and in all this, I will ever be the loyal Soldier of the People.


Goal: The best of us should be in positions of leadership. As our 14th Degree speaks, " .... the men of intellect and learning the great kings of thought of all ages should be, as Plato taught, the rulers of the world".  And again we re-iterate the command to self-reliant and independent.


5th Vow of the 32nd Degree:

Do most solemnly vow that I will punctually, faithfully, and diligently perform all my duties as a Mason of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.  I will not neglect, by non-attendance, the meetings of any Body of the Rite without ample valid reasons.  When I cannot attend, I will not withhold my contribution for the relief of the poor.  I will always have at heart the prosperity of the Bodies to which I may belong and the advancement of the great purposes of the Rite, being in all this the loyal Soldier of the Scottish Rite.  Knowing that our actions live after us, I will endeavor to live a life of honor, so that the world may become a better place and that I may bring tribute to the memories of our illustrious forefathers, the founders of Freemasonry.  Amen!


Goal: To take personal responsibility for the relief of the poor and needy and not assume that role to the government or others. To use my money for the benefit of the Rite and of Mankind and to live my life as an example to be followed.