Valley of Bellingham Embarks on Web Project

The Scottish Rite website at is now static and labeled with "Under Contruction."   It will be statically maintained until a new collaborative publishing tool is in place.

A Content Managment framwork called Umbraco has been selected as the website foundation and the pilot project has been hosted on a discrete development platform at MESG LLC in Bellingham. 

 The work in progrees is at

Mark Quenneville, 32° KCCH is adament that the new site belongs to the brethern of the Valley and the layout and content is theirs to define.  All Scottish Rite members are encouraged to provide their ideas and assistance.  "If you can operate basic email and Facebook, you have the skills to contribute to our site." said Quenneville.  Our fraternity in Bellingham has a rich history.  We need the Bretheren to tell the story and inspire new interest.   "My role is to facilitate the process of collaboration and provide the technical foundation of the site." 

Please contact Mark for a login ID and/or to contribute your ideas about our site.  or 714-8808